Art For Art's Sake: Downtown Gaylord steps up

We’ve all come to know Gaylord as a town of varied interests. Golf Mecca, growing foodie village and hub for a burgeoning music scene, but is Gaylord a breeding ground for a nascent underground art scene? All sign are pointing to yes. This week we hit the streets to dig a little deeper, and we found that our gorgeous downtown offers up more than just cocktails, fine dining and great shopping.

Our first stop was the Gaylord Area Council for the Arts (GACA). Established in 1972 with the mission enhancing “the quality of life in our community through the Arts,” GACA has dedicated years to bringing educational workshops and fostering creative spaces in the community. For young and old, GACA has a little something for everyone.

Next up was Paragon Ink. Founded in 2013 by Jason Ashton, this world-class shop delivers a little something different to Gaylord. From canvas to skin, this talented bunch brings art in Gaylord to a new level. The 2,000 square foot space is currently showcasing several local artists making Paragon Ink a veritable museum of modern art in our precious downtown. Intimidating at first, this community-minded group is proudly local, family oriented, and charitable with yearly event programs such as Toys For Tats, Cans & Colors, Tattoos 4 Ta-Ta’s and more.

An unexpected, but a welcome player in the Gaylord art scene is local artist and healer, Linda Durant’s The Holistic Spa. Walk through the doors, and you’ll find woodworking pieces, jewelry and photographs as well as oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings. While you’re pursuing the work of local artists, enjoy a complementary cup of organic coffee or tea. This is unmistakably the place to nurture mind, body and soul.

The nonprofit Seams Like New is one of the coolest and most slept on of Gaylord locations. Owned by the Crossroads Industries, Inc, an organization which creates jobs and social opportunities for people with disabilities, this shop is an Instagrammer’s paradise. Showcasing handcrafted items in the front section were created by employees of Crossroads, and local art on every highly curated perfectly edited wall and seating area. Seams like New should be on everyone’s must-visit list. Sit, have a coffee, snap some pix and buy some art for a good cause.

Frances Eugenia