I am a seasoned creative director, producer and stylist, with experience in Advertising, Fashion and Television. Raised in the Caribbean, I have had the good fortune of extensive travel, as well as, living in illustrious cities such as New Orleans, Miami, and NYC. 

I began my career in New York's underground fashion scene managing independent clothing labels. I've had to do it all, because of this I have the understanding of what it takes to make a business operate and grow. 

My passion for upcoming artists and designers allowed me to become a known downtown NYC staple, as both Stylist and DJ. I bucked the trend of traditional career tracking and parlayed my obsession with popular culture into a dynamic career.

Most recently, I served as the creative lead in the rebranding of New York fashion label Reneé Masoomian. I came to Renee Masoomian from Disruptive Media Lab, where as a cultural curator, I brought fresh ideas to VOSS, BLK DNM, and Jolt Jeans. I have also worked with the Sundance Channel, Juice Media, and various publications, and videos.

- I don’t know everything, but I do know what “it” is before everyone else does. My strengths are pattern recognition & trend prediction with regard to subcultures and cultural acceleration.

- I have an organized mind that can process an idea through to execution. There is always a way to get something done better, easier, faster and often cheaper.

- I am a "creative," but I have excellent client facing skills, with experience successfully articulating creative concepts in person to high level executives. 

- I am a natural collaborator. The best ideas come from a team with a carefully curated skill set.

- I am a workaholic. I don’t stop. 

- I genuinely don't believe anything is impossible.

- Sometimes, for fun, I am DJ Puerto Rican Knife Gang.