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Kindness, Community, Mindfullness: Better living comes through gratitude

As November comes to a close and we enter deeper into the holiday season, gratitude is something we all explore. This past month, Yoga-45 invited the members of the Gaylord community to participate in a gratitude challenge. When researching the challenge, Yoga-45 found a Harvard University study that revealed a daily gratitude practice had physical, spiritual, and social benefits. Surprising, no?! These benefits include stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, better sleep, general alertness, positivity, and happiness, as well as, increasing compassion, generosity, and creating more forgiving natures.

Yoga: Relaxing the body to heal the mind

Over the years Yoga has become a go-to work out with a cultlike following. Yoga has become synonymous with tight abs, firm butts and tight stretchy pants. We hear the term yoga and instantly increased flexibility and strength comes to mind. But, yoga has a little secret — sometimes it makes you cry.