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 Fanning the flames: Gaylord restaurants reignite our passion for the grill

Fanning the flames: Gaylord restaurants reignite our passion for the grill

GAYLORD — It is summer in Gaylord. It's hot. It's humid. You're hungry. While we'd argue that most foods are made better by the sear of flames, the last thing you want to do is fire up your grill. Luckily, this up and coming foodie town is blessed with an assortment of air-conditioned restaurants replete with mouth-watering treats to satisfy the pickiest eater.

We've rounded up some of our favorite dishes from restaurants across Otsego County listed in no particular order:

Prime rib tacos at Porter Haus

• The taco is perhaps the most perfect summer food. Local favorite Porter Haus clearly knows what they are doing with their inspired prime rib tacos. Shaved prime rib grilled to perfection topped with horsey mayo, pico, cilantro, and melty cheese has us ready to swoon.

Filet mignon sliders at Bennethum's Northern Inn

• For anyone out the looking to upgrade a classic, Bennethum's Northern Inn has exactly what you are looking for. These Filet Mignon Sliders are far from ordinary with succulent seasoned and char-grilled filet mignon medallions, caramelized onions, herb remoulade on buns made in-house.

The Squirrel's Net at Blind Squirrel

• If you are trying to stay on the lighter side, Blind Squirrel offers up the Squirrel's Net. This salad is a delightful mixture of baby greens with bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, dried cherries, almonds, carrots, red onion and grilled apple (yes!) with poppy seed vinaigrette. As is or topped with grilled chicken we are sure this salad is a winner.

Duroc pork chop at Bearded Dogg Lounge

• Next, we have the Duroc pork chop from the Bearded Dogg Lounge. Duroc pigs are the end result of more than 150 years of careful breeding creating a rich, colorful and intensely flavorful cut of meat. These Michigan-raised chops are 16-ounce double boned grilled with an ancho maple glaze.

Redwood Steakhouse

• If you are a purist, head over to the Lewiston institution Redwood Steakhouse. They have all the meats. This steakhouse prepares your food over pure hardwood charcoal. No gas or any other artificial means are used so nothing stands in between you and an unbelievable flavor! (Seasoned upon request)



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