Gaylord is a cheese lover's paradise

Hot, gooey, cheese and crisp bread solve a lot of life’s problems. This childhood treat is seeing a renaissance with adult renditions popping up at trendy restaurants. Gaylord’s culinary elite are proving to be masters in the game. Here are some of our favorite picks.

• Alpine Tavern’s Brisket Grilled Cheese: What?! Slow braised beef brisket is amazing on its own, but add brie, goat cheese and smother it in sweet onion bacon jam and we are digging in.

• The Blind Squirrel Grilled Cheese Florentine gives grilled cheese an elegant twist. American, Swiss, cheddar and provolone cheeses are gently melted together with sautéed onion, warm tomato and spinach. Vegetarian-friendly and utterly self-indulgent, this grilled cheese is at the top of our list.

• Speaking of being self-indulgent, we need to discuss the Double Decker Grilled Cheese Burger from Porter Haus. A cheese-smothered burger topped with bacon in between two grilled cheese sandwiches is something we only believe existed in our dreams. A double-decker grilled cheeseburger is the type of burger you eat hiding alone in your closet, crying just a little bit. Absolute pleasure with the right amount of pain.

• Leave it to Snowbelt Brewing Co to serve up something unexpected. Their Grown-up Grilled Cheese is just that a very grown-up take on a childhood favorite. Ghost-pepper jack cheese, gouda and white cheddar on toasted ciabatta bread (the most grown-up sandwich bread) served with a side of creamy tomato basil soup for dipping. We are feeling warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Since this is all about hot melty cheese here are a couple of honorable mentions. Not quite grilled cheese, but close enough.

• Saganaki...Opa! from Bennethum’s Northern Inn is a sure-fire (literal fire) winner. Imported Greek Kasseri cheese, brandy-flamed tableside (yes, brandy flamed tableside), freshly squeezed lemon and house bread. Hot cheese and a show is totally worth the trip out.

• Last but not least, the Baked Brie from Tap Room 32. Brie cheese, sweet chili sauce, fresh apple, grapes, and rice cracker. It’s the perfect appetizer for a girl’s night out.

Frances Eugenia