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Frances Eugenia Collazo is a graphic designer, art director, and stylist, with over 15 years experience in Advertising, Fashion, and Television. Beginning her career in the New York fashion industry, as well as becoming a known downtown staple she parlayed her passion for popular culture v. commerce into a dynamic career at shops ranging from Samsung to Comedy Central.

Frances consistently sets the standard for pushing the limits of social norms that add a unique voice to proven disciplines, and she's bucked the trend of traditional career tracking, having been lauded in diverse industries - digital, experiential, production, and television.

Frances excels at strategic creative thinking, visual presentation, and team leadership. She seeks to promote the spirit of innovation in her teams, as well as the balance of excellence, collaboration, and next level thinking.

Currently, she spends her time in Gaylord, MI, producing the Gaylord Herald Times' Extra section, as well as, designing digital marketing efforts within the Sunfrog umbrella.

She lives with her 3 dogs. Sometimes, for fun, she is DJ Puerto Rican Knife Gang.


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